The Visible Cyclist

This page is created with the intention to help new cyclists acquaint themselves with good road riding habits, posing minimum irritation to the other road users (with whom we share the roads with, by the way), and of course maximising our chances of going home safely after our rides.


This section is to consolidate everyone's feedback/discussion on this…. so it'll be removed when the site's abt done.

30 May Alvin: Anyone know anyone who can draw cartoons or something? prolly need some graphical way to represent some of the guidelines to be put up here…

The misinformed man in the street

Here's a list of 'urban myths' who don't know better.

  1. Cyclists should just cycle on pathments
  2. Cyclists, if they do cycle on the road, ARE to cycle in a direction that is opposite of other vehicles in travelling in the same lane


If you can afford to buy a bicycle, you probably can afford to buy some lights and helmet too. So, get them!


  1. Keep single file

Life's isn't always that straight forward

For the times when you need to make a right or left turn at a traffic junction… what should you do?

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