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Road Trip to Malacca!

Road trip to Malacca!

General Info

Date: 28 - 29 Apr (Sat/Sun)

Who's going

  1. Andrew
  2. Huiping
  3. Stephen
  4. Teo
  5. A Ong



Suggestions for hotel?

Hotel rennaissance
friends of mine who're regular to Malacca highly recommend this one! good location to greatttt food! (~S$106-135/rm). 14 days advance booking == S$106 incl breakfast!
Courtyard Hereen
same group of friends been wanting to check this hotel out ; pretty!
Hotel Puri
another highly regarded hotel! rustic, intimate boutique hotel
luxurious! good location too! but full liao ;(

Coach Chen's car!

Let's go for 'comfy' ride, ok?
It's gonna be fun!!


List down some of the things u die die must try/do/eat

28 Apr

7.30 am depart East?
11am? check in.. try to.. anyway? if not, loiter ard for lunch?
lunch: char siew rice
lunch 2: chicken rice ball + chendol!!! (jonker walk)
in between… chendol breaks!
4pm: fatman popiah must eat!!!
Dinner: crabs zichar near hotel! (don't care abt u guys, i must eat this!!)
dinner 2: fried oyster + hokkien mee (those black sweet sauced udon)

29 Apr

lunch: wanton noodles or beef/pork taiwan noodles
dinner: satay celup or perankan food and tar pao prawn crackers back!

List your desires!





  • let's squeeze in some foot massage after our food therapy (involves quite a bit of walking)


  • Data connection: think we can buy a local prepaid card and tether that to rest of us?
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