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General information page for organising some of Team CPL's cycling trips. You're also invited to update this page accordingly (well, at least indicate your interest in this?).

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General Information


Date: 2 Apr Evening (Fri) till 3 Apr (Sat) Early Morning
Time: 730pm . set off 8pm
Location: Meet@Simpang Bedok
Route: to be confirmed
Distance : 130km
Speed : max. 25kmh.

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Safety Riders:


Your meals, drinks, ciggies. Include cab fare!

Who's Going

(Please edit/update your status)
If I forgot to invite whoever — pls update /jio for me , yea? Thanks!

Going (Confirmed + Put Stamp!) - Indicate if you bringing/renting bike

  1. Alvin (Addict) - Volunteering to be 1 of safety cyclists if I can make it
  2. Aaron
  3. Gayle
  4. Josh - I also volunteer to be safety (sweeper) cyclist.. i will be there..
  5. Lee — Navigator
  6. CS
  7. Avery — follower
  8. Jansen
  9. Jarrod
  10. Alvin formerly known as Alvin Giant (is now not coming lol)
  11. Ian
  12. Wee Ping

Interested Party (roughly include the bike type you wanna use)

Can't make it

Jioed (pls feel free to add new names to jio)

Meetup Information

As the group has people residing over a huge area, we've a few meetup points for you to ride with your fellow constituents. Alternatively, you're free to ride/drive alone and rendezvous at rally point.



Marine Parade

MEET AT MANDARIN GARDENS BUS STOP @ 7:30pm, then proceed to Simpang Bedok


Organiser's To-Do

  1. Designate Safety Riders
  2. Designate Bike Mechanics
  3. Designate Navigator
  4. Designate Support Logistics (extra water, inner tubes, etc)

Things to bring / do: Pre-ride & Ride

  1. Water (LOTS!)
  2. Money
  3. Protective gear (helmet) Please ensure u're adequately protected! (Opt)
  4. Lights — Front and Rear (do check for your batteries!)
  5. Bike — Can borrow/ask around (Opt)
  6. General first aid (Opt)
  7. Camera (P&S type) (Opt)
  8. Inner tubes/tools/pump (Opt)
  9. Please give the following information to the organiser:
    1. Blood type
    2. Next of Kin Contact and Relationship
    3. Medical Allergy/History
    4. Advisable to put ICE Entry into your contact list, etc.
  10. REMEMBER the Safety Rules

Safety Rules

For your safety and our peace of mind, pls adhere to the following rules, on top of common sense:

  1. Know who are the leaders (navigators) and sweepers of the group
  2. NEVER overtake the leader/navigator
  3. If you see the sweeper in front of you, shout out to him so that he knows you're left behind!
  4. Keep left of the road
  5. Try to keep to SINGLE FILE
  6. If there's cars behind you, NEVER look back while cycling.
  7. No funny stunts (esp don't weave left n right like Valentino Rossi — you're not him)
  8. Echo (echo… echo… echooo… echoooooooooooo) down/up the message

Things to do: Post-ride

These are not compulsory, they're simply recommendations for your maximum comfort.

  1. Massage

:-) late nite foot massage at FEET PRESS at siglap next to UOB.
Weekends, last appt. 2am
tel : 6242 0320

  1. Post pictures up to make others green with envy

Weather Outlook


Updated every 12-15 mins (Courtesy of National Environment Agency)
Weather Forecast Details

Additional Information

General terrain

On Road, with real idiotic Singaporean drivers


Renting of bikes: S$10 per day@Changi; Bike Boutique (Amoy St) rents road bikes


This section is outdated, will need inputs from rest of world here: recommended reading on what's in store! Ride in Peace, Ben!



Not needed here. ;)

Disclaimer / Indemnity

Pls declare if you think you're seriously newbie in cycling so we can all avoid you collectively — j/k :P

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