Pack Items for Trip

Trip Details

Pack Details

Hand Carry

S Chen A Ong
Powershot S45 300D
battery + CF cards 50mm
Passport 17-40mm
Crappy HP Passport
HP Charger
Jeans+tshirt+pt shoes

Cash / Financing

S Chen A Ong
Credit Card

Check In Luggage


S Chen A Ong
snake powder shower gel
facial wash shampoo
shampoo (need to go find) briefs x 10
Towel x 2 Towel x 2
Shaver (Electric + Razor) Shaver
Toilet roll Toilet roll
Toothbrush + Toothpaste Toothbrush + Toothpaste

bold denote shared items


S Chen A Ong
3 Top, 3 slacks 3 Top, 2 slacks (can't fit in the last pair.. dang!!)
Boots Boots
Garters x2 Garters
Green Socks x? Green Socks x 4
jungle hat jungle hat
jungle scarf jungle scarf

Civilian Clothes

S Chen A Ong
PT Singlet x 5
PT Shorts x 5
PT socks x 3

Gadgets Related / Others

S Chen A Ong
HP Charger Torchlight (the dang place is dark!)
Bible Study stuff Harry Potter and Dearthly Hallows
Investing guides Some technical papers
Torchlight log book + p-file
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