Offroad Rides

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1 May: Date changed to 8 May instead.

General Info

Date: 8 May 2010 (Sat) «== Note change of date to 8 May
Time: 8am (if you're meeting for breakfast) ; 8.30am depart for Pulau Ubin
Place: Changi Hawker Centre / Changi Ferry Pt Terminal

Terrain: Generally offroad, with steep climbs/descents. We will be doing Ketam Blue Square sections and rest of Kampung roads in Ubin — easy, but don't be complacent!

Estimated time back on mainland Singapore: 3pm

Note :

  1. In case of adverse weather, I'll sms you guys and inform you guys of any changes to plans around 7 AM.
  2. We'd expect Ubin to be super crowded, so good bikes may be taken if we're late.

Who's Going

Here's the list of pple going, since it is somehow a FAQ from you guys.

  1. Alvin Ong
  2. iRene — can't go due to change of dates. Next time!
  3. Darren
  4. Flex Tio
  5. GKK
  6. Ricky
  7. Eileen

Jioed, but yet to respond

  1. Shiping - can't make it
  2. Mickle - can't make it
  3. TKK

(pls help me jio :))

If you're a not-so-strong cyclist, please do let me know in advance so we can keep an eye on you.

If you're a strong cyclist and familiar with Pulau Ubin, let me know so you can help out :)

At Changi

Locality / Parking


At Pulau Ubin


Renting of bikes: S$10-18+++ per day (entry-level mountain bike at Ubin)
Ferry charges per human and per bike: S$2.50/passenger, S$2.00/bike (one-way)

Please get a decent bike — you WILL need your brakes and gears in top condition.


You're strongly advised to bring/do the following:

  • LOTS OF WATER MUST: Depending on your water consumption rate — for me it's 1L of water.
  • Covered Shoes MUST: For personal protection in case of insect bites + injuries. Please tie your laces properly.
  • Helmet: Protection in case you get unlucky, and for shade.
  • Insect Repellent: There's lotsa of mosquitoes, so please bring some repellent along
  • Sun-block: For those who don't want to get tanned :)
  • Personal First Aid? :)

Riding Tips

I'm no expert on mountain biking myself, but here's a few tips I'd learnt. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :)

  1. If you happen to stop on the track, dismount and move to the SIDE of the track as there may be faster cyclists right behind you who can be blind and they'll crash into you!
  2. Do NOT JAM your front wheel brakes (if you do it, you will almost certainly fly over your handle bar)! Use the rear brakes to slow you down and front brake to stop!
  3. Brake early using your rear brakes to improve personal safety index.
  4. Gearing: In general, higher gear numbers means the pedaling will require heavier efforts. For example, using gear no. 7 will feel heavier than using gear 2. Use low gears for climbs.
  5. Do NOT change gears in the middle of the climb unless you know what you're doing. Otherwise, you may risk breaking the chain! Shift to a lighter (lower) gear before the up hill climbs!
  6. Always pedal forward when changing gears. NEVER backpedal when changing gears!
  7. If there appear to be a slight hump/bump ahead, lift your butt slightly above your saddle (the seat) and 'float' over the bump/hump using your arms and legs as shock absorbers, else you'll end up with very sore butts after the ride!
  8. Pls take care and move to side of trail if you'd stopped. There WILL be oncoming bikers!

(Feel free to search thru' Youtube on Ubin/Ketam videos to get a preview of what is coming)


Weather Outlook


Updated every 12-15 mins (Courtesy of National Environment Agency)
Weather Forecast Details

Disclaimer / Indemnity

Pls declare if you think you're seriously newbie in cycling so we can all avoid you collectively — j/k :P

Please ride within your limits. Ride safe.

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