BBQ General Info

Date/Time: 27 Jan 08, 6pm
Admission: S$25 (payable to Viki by 26 Jan)
Location: <see below, please>

RSVP by 23 Jan

Others: Pls pay up for previous BBQ to Arthur!


By the way, we are Seeking for any kind of food / charcoal / utensils / alcohol / etc SPONSORs.
Pls note sponsors will still have to pay $25 :)

Who Sponsoring
Louis & Viki 1/2 bottle Alize Gold Passion liquer & 10 cans of 7-Up
Gary 12 bottles of Archipelago beers
Wayne & Jeam 1 bottle of red wine & 2 bottles of green tea
Nic Half bottle of rum
Alvin 2x bottles of NZ/Aust ice/apple-wines (teeny weeny)

Location & Attendence

Please vote for locations:
1) Jeam's condo in Lentor / Yio Chu Kang *lights off at 11pm & swimming pool till 11pm
2) Arthur's condo *lights off at 10pm

Who Going? (yes/no?) Preferred location (A=Arthur's or J=Jean's condo)
Viki yes A
Louis yes A
Arthur yes A
Clement yes A
Arthur's friend unknown unknown
Kok Meng yes A
Jeam yes both :)
Wayne yes both :)
Kit yes A
Mel yes A
Victor to be confirmed unknown
Noel yes A
Wendy yes A
Gary no A
Eve No, apologies from Trengganu nil
Gwen unknown unknown
Guan Peng not going field camp nil
Nick yes A
Ben No, aplogies from Malaysia nil
Alvin yes A
Darren unknown unknown
Annie yes A
CN yes A
John no nil

Satay + Otah

bbq wholesale no: 6848 6848

description qty unit price bbq whole
Chix (50 stix) 0 12.5 0
Beef (50 stix_) 1 13.5 13.5
Mutton (50 stix) 1 14.5 14.5
sauce 1 1 1
Otah (50 small) 1 12.5 12.5
total (incl tax) 41.5
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