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General information page for organising my lil cycling trips. You're also invited to update this page accordingly (well, at least indicate your interest in this?).

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17 Jun: Refreshed page

General Information


Date: 23 Jun (Sun)
Time: 0810hrs at Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Location: Sg Renggit/Penggarang
Back to SG: ~1800hrs (Estimated)

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0715 - 0745 hrs: Breakfast (could be Changi Village Hawker, or subway or whatever)
0800: Meet up
0815: Boat ride to Tanjung Pengelih Jetty @Pengerang
0930 - 1200: Ride to lunch place (Scenic route)
1200 - 1400: Lunch (seafood + lobster, zi char style)
1400 - 1600: Ride back to Tanjung Pengelih Jetty (Probably coastal route, depending on time)
1600 - 1720: Boat back to Singapore

Costing (Estimate)

What Amount to Pay
Ferry (2 way) - Person S$22
Ferry (2 way) - Bike S$4
Bike Rental (Whole day) S$20

Please Bring MALAYSIAN RINGGIT (~MYR$100-150)

Who's Going

(Please edit/update your status)
If I forgot to invite whoever — pls update /jio for me , yea? Thanks!

Going (Confirmed + Put Stamp!) - Indicate if you bringing/renting bike

  1. Alvin Ong
  2. Darren
  3. Angie
  4. GKK
  5. Grace
  6. Hanyang
  7. Sau Leng
  8. Michelle
  9. Alex
  10. Alex's GF
  11. TTK
  12. Kuna

Note: Unless trip is cancelled due rain, haze; all should pay up for boat fare

Interested Party (roughly include the bike type you wanna use)

Can't make it

Jioed (pls feel free to add new names to jio)

  1. Not applicable


Organiser's To-Do

  1. Confirm the number of people going (try to know who is renting bike)
  2. Collect money (approx S$22 (boat, 2-way) + S$10 (if renting bicycle), or + S$4 if bringing own bike) (no refund :))
  3. Book rental bikes (Tristan@JB don't seem to rent anymore; Mr Bike at Changi Village is available)
  4. Book boat/ferry (tel. no: +65 6542 7944) — courtesy of Clifton)
  5. Try and secure GPS (esp those on Nokia HP — can make use of their Sportstracker) (opt)
  6. Try and borrow walkie-talkie (opt)

Things to bring / do: Pre-ride & Ride

  1. Passport (please make sure you've at least 6 months validity from date of departure)
  2. Water (LOTS!)
  3. Snacks such as a banana, an apple or a chocolate bar (to last the journey from Tanjung Pengelih Jetty to Sungei Rengit). Bring more if you are a big-eater.
  4. Money (for makan, ferry, and renting of bikes) — sing and ringgit (~SGD50-80 worth of ringgit ought to be enough), pls!
  5. Extra set of clothing (Opt) (Please waterproof them)
  6. Windbreaker / Lightweight waterproof or rainproof jacket (Opt)
  7. Protective gear (helmet) Please ensure u're adequately protected! (Opt)
  8. Bike — Can borrow/ask around (Opt)
  9. Sun block/tan lotion (Opt)
  10. General first aid (Opt)
  11. Camera (P&S type) (Opt)
  12. Inner tubes/tools/pump (Opt) (There is a bike shop 18km away from the jetty)
  13. DOTS!!!
  14. I may require a next-of-kin + blood type & allergy list

Things to do: Post-ride

These are not compulsory, they're simply recommendations for your maximum comfort.

  1. Apply layers upon layers of after-sun lotion (or anything that moisturise your skin), paying particular attention to areas with prolonged exposure to Sun. EG, shoulders, arms, face, neck, ears.
  2. Foot or full body massage to ease the muscles
  3. Drink lotsa water to replenish lost water, or drinks that also replenish body salts/minerals (gold, mercury, sodium, yadayada)
  4. anything else to share?

Weather Outlook

Forecast for next 3 hrs by NEA

Updated every 12-15 mins (Courtesy of National Environment Agency)
Weather Forecast Details

Additional Information

General terrain

On Road, with real jew hoo vehicles

We hope to try these


Renting of bikes: S$10 per day@Changi; Bike Boutique (Amoy St) rents road bikes
- Alvin has bicycle rack for car (at least can mount on Ignis lah) — can tahan 2 - 3 bikes
- Glen has a rack for sedan car (those with back-side) — used to mount on vinces lancer
Availability of baby seats for bikes: Yes
Ferry charges per human and per bike: S$10.00/passenger, S$4.00/bike (2006 Price)
Wanna take proper boat instead of bumboat? (see link below)

Route: Refer to the below link. Red cross == Objective.



http://pedaldamnit.blogspot.com/search/label/Malaysiahighly recommended reading on what's in store!


Not too sure if we'll get to do the exact route, see the exact things, but here goes!

Source: blursotong8@YouTube

In case you can't video the above video.. here's another one!



Disclaimer / Indemnity

Pls declare if you think you're seriously newbie in cycling so we can all avoid you collectively — j/k :P

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