CL Xmas 2008

Xmas Celebration 2008

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Spatial/Temporal Details

What: Xmas Celebration - BBQ
When: Please vote below
Time: 5+ or 6+pm
Where: Lilane

Semantic Abstraction

Call for dates:
@20th Dec - KL, WQH
@24th Dec - KL,YY
@25th Dec - WQH, LL,YY
@26th Dec - WQH,YY,YK
@31st Dec - KL, WQH,YK

Errol: I go with the majority.
Lilane: I think got company gathering on one of the eves. Hee! We discuss on WII day okayyy??
Keen: Not available on 20th.. the rest ok? Hmm, but Xmas Eve, 4pm shd still be in office leh?? :p
WQH: Added 26th (Fri). Shall we do a seafood-based bbq? any problems?
LL: hey we're really doing a family bbq @ my place on christmas! come along! :):)
KL: i'm booked on Christmas noon ler….but then what time is ur bbq? and will it be too troublesome for you if we another one another day? if nobody else can make it on Christmas day?
WQH…26th after work very tiring leh…..haha
Errol… 24th & 25th cannot… 26th working… 20th TBC so bestest is 31st!!!
WQH: so we can't get a good date ah? Karen, if xmas evening bbq, u ok?
KL: xmas evening should be ok but maybe reach 6+?
YY: I can on most days… but 31st should be out because most likely have to work (might be changing datacentre, siong, gotta move 11 servers and shitloads of equipment, WQH and Keen free to help boh? hahaha…), or may have to go chalet with WL's cousins.
KL: Then we fix on 25th lor…join Lilane's family..:p
LL: hey folks very sorry, may need to postpone the bbq. mum said we need to go temple to pray. hmm. we fix another day??? paiseh.
KL: ooo ok..keep us updated of the new date. :)
WQH: Any news, darlings? haha merry christmas!!
YK: i'm free today (26dec)…who free? :P heh…31st, i not sure got half day or not? :p
Errol: die… looks like its not happening… next year le!!!!!

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