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Mahjong & Wii Gathering

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Spatial/Temporal Details

What: Mahjong & Wii Gathering!!
When: 21st March
Time: 12pm
Where: Karen

Semantic Abstraction

Call for dates:
28th Feb (Sat): YK, WQH, YY&F*,!ES
7th Mar (Sat): KL, YK, WQH, YY&F*, ES
21st Mar (Sat): KL, YK, WQH, YY&F, ES

Keen: Anything. Put time put place, i'll be there..ok! :p (barring any unforeseen network issues)
WQH: Tentatively everything is ok ;)
YY: For the * dates, I might be free on 28 or 7… depending on whether some parts arrive in time. Likelihood is 7th may not be free, to be confirmed. If I can get the new server up before that, I'll be free.
ES: ICT on end feb early march.
KL: ok…if can then 7th Mar, if not 21st March…
LL: 7 or 21 Mar! ;)

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