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Latest News

20th Dec Sun: BBQ@Weijie's
8 Dec: Date/Venue firmed!
17 Dec: Costings are out

Confirmed Details

Date: 20th Dec Sun (Confirmed)
Place: Weijie's place @ La Casa (Confirmed)
Activities: Swimming, PS2/PS3, BBQ, Drinks

Confirmed Attendance

  1. Jiaxin
  2. Weijie
  3. Elyn
  4. Qinhui
  5. Yiming
  6. Zhiqiang
  7. Guoqiang


  1. Xiangxuan & Family

Food Sponsors

  1. 1 bottle of icewine - Qinhui
  2. Beer/wines - Weijie

Dietary Constraints

Please list your Dietary constraints here:

  1. Jiaxin
  2. Weijie: Can't take spicy, ok if you guys go ahead with spicy items
  3. Elyn: Mutton
  4. Qinhui
  5. Yiming: No fatty stuffs

Total cost incurred for "Food&Others" will be shared among attendees. Kindly retain all receipts of purchase. Please add in your wishlist of food, and if you can buy/prepare it, put your name ^_^

Items + In-charge


BBQ Food

  1. 20 x Otah-otah - Qinhui
  2. Sausages (pork/chicken) - Qinhui
  3. Pork Fillets (Rosemary/blackpepper)- Andy**
  4. Big Prawns - Andy (Need to take out the shit in the body? )
  5. Satay (chicken/mutton/beef/pork?)
  6. Bacon Scallops Asparagus (Someone buy the raw ingredients, we can skew them during afternoon)
  7. Chicken Wings (yes, please marinate!)
  8. Cod fish

Ready Food

  1. Cake
  2. Fruits
  3. Marshmallow - Qinhui
  4. Turkey, ham, pork knuckle - (Qinhui can order from Werner's Oven or some butchery, u guys ok?)
  5. Drinks (packet? syrup mixed?)

Please be conservative in your numbers!


  1. Charcoal (2 bags)
  2. Firestarters + Lighter
  3. 50 x Satay sticks
  4. 3 x Tongs
  5. Butter/margarine/olive oil
  6. BBQ sauce
  7. Garlic salt + pepper
  8. Wiremesh (standard big size)
  9. Dining Cutleries (plates, forks, spoons, knives, etc)
  10. Aluminum foil
  11. Some containers to hold our uncooked food
  12. Icebox!!

Planning (to be ignored when things are firmed)

Vote / Suggestions

Please list the dates which you CANNOT make it.

Qinhui: 30 Nov (Wedding dinner), 6 Dec (Wedding dinner), 11 Dec (Wedding dinner), 16 - 18 Dec (Reservist + Wedding dinner)
Jiaxin: 4-5 Dec, 12-13 Dec, 16 Dec, 24-25 Dec and 28-29 Dec (Working) 18-19 Dec (oversea KL)
MinChuan + Xueling: All days except Saturdays & Sundays
Yiming: Weekday nights cannot (Sundays can)

Seems the only available date before Christmas for all is 20th Dec (Sunday)
Else will be after Christmas 26th (Saturday) & 27th Dec (Sunday) =)


Weijie's place. I'll put the map up soon.

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