22 Dec Outing for 0R.

Latest updates

20061220: Note the change in venue — Settlers Cafe at Clark Quay Pls call me at 97456785 (QH)

20061222: Not sure if there is anyone reading this now.. But.. TODAY IS DE DAY.
7pm At Clarke Quay.
In case i have GROWN that much.. i am the one wearing red/white adidas jacket.
Pls come and ACK/ID mi

20061222 (4:40pm): I will be there early! Cos my friend is giving me a ride down town. I will be there around 6pm. My hp is 9658 4697. —> Mingjian

Spatial/Temporal Details

What: 0R gathering
When: 22 Dec 2006 (Friday)
Time: meet at 7 PM… end time == unknown (OTOT)
Meet at MRT if you're not sure how to go there…

Settlers' Cafe@Clarke Quay — WebsiteSee map
Cosy place for chilling and dining and talking and blah.
Drinks can be adjourned subsequently. Anyone on for clubbing?

Semantic Abstraction

Who: (pls edit the names if I'd typo)

Confirmed list (proxy classmate in bracket) and — dinner/no dinner:
Michelle — dinner
Pang Pang
Elain — dinner
Qinhui — dinner
Lum — dinner
Yanqing — dinner
Ming Jian (Qinhui) — dinner
Yeong Chun (Pang Pang) - dinner
Terence (Pang Pang - Yeong Chun) - dinner
Samuel (meeting us after dinner) (Pang Pang)


Desmond (He got coy dinner, say will join us later and will call me, Kelvin) Can dun put pang pang or not !!!!
[mich: pang pang pang pang pang pang hahaha]
[elain: pang pang, we are too used to it liao lar :P]
[ Spare me Please ! By the way, bring class photo if you have them, i think i got 1 album stashed away somewhere, i go see look, Kelvin ]
[mich: Oh yes the 10 years ago pic!
LOL.. Say guys.. this gathering wear something tat u guys will not lafff at / kena blackmail when we look at the pics 10 years later hor.. But, Pang pang… don worry.. mickey mouse is classic .. u can wear tat..hehehe]
[Mingjian: haha..10 yrs already?? Looking forward to see how we all have aged! hehe..]
[Mich: More of how we had GROWN… horizontally.. muahahaha]

Cynthia (Qinhui — Have an exam til 10.30pm. To call when it end)

Cannot make it:
Mei Fong (Elain)
Glynis (Qinhui)
Alvin (not in Spore - Lum)

Mei Li

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